The Illinois State Stock Horse Association, Inc. (ISSHA) was chartered in November 1952 after a group of horsemen banded together at an unorganized horse show.  Charter members formed the ISSHA in order to regulate rules and regulations for fair and objective competition.  From that beginning, the ISSHA has grown to encompass the interests of horsemen statewide.


Through the years the scope of the work of the Association has grown beyond that of a show association.  Although the ISSHA no longer sponsors an annual horse show, it sponsors an annual 100 Mile Trail Ride and keeps watch over legislative and conservation issues and groups in our state.  The interests of animal rights groups, the disappearance of recreational land to development, and competition for recreational land use space are areas of growing concern.



The ability of the ISSHA to maintain its integrity and its strength has been, and always will be, determined by its individual members.  Membership meetings are held in accordance with our charter.  The hub of the ISSHA is its directors who come from 21 areas comprised of counties in the State of Illinois, and several out-of-state assistant directors.  The directors meet as a group three times annually.  An annual awards meeting, general membership meeting, and dance (open to all members) is held in November.  Other committee meetings are held as needed.  This widespread representation keeps the lines of communication open between members throughout the State and beyond.