Committee Members

In case you weren't at the spring meeting, there were committees formed to help get things done in the club.  If you have any input, questions, or suggestions please let them know!  Committees are as follows:
BYLAWS:  Chairperson - Stu Cunningham 309.258.0921, Terry Benson 630.768.8124, Laurie Grasser Nauman 815-857-3502, and Don Phelps 815.973.5300.
RULES OF THE RIDE:  Chairperson - Jenna Walker 309.253.8826, Kasey Considine 815.440.5749, and Michael Roll 309.208.9921.
RIDE LOCATION:  Chairperson Willy Clem 217.202.5943 and Penny L Clem 217.841.3079, Matt Boelens 309.507.1790, Louie Quinn 815.383.0645.
AUDITING:  Nancy Larimore and Janeen Norquist.
FOOD:  Chairperson Willy Clem 217.202.5943 and Penny L Clem 217.841.3079, Jan Bonnell 815.973.5262, Cindy Benson 630.300.8422, Michael Roll 309.208.9921.
SET UP / TEAR DOWN:  Chairperson Terry Benson 630.768.8124, Kasey Considine 815.440.5749, Brian Sorensen 630.816.7610, Matt Horton 815.674.4379, Justin Norquist 630-514-2193.
ALL MEMBERS are on the membership committee....we need everyone's help to grow our group! 
THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered and took a spot on one of these committees, and also to all the members past and present that have sacrificed of their time for the good of the organization!